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January 19 2016

Headcanon for vodka.

June 03 2015

May 29 2015

Swimsuit Relaxation
WIP girl
just a little something i started yesterday! i will probably finish her today, i really like the line art so far even though its a little bit wobbly..... and her boobs are a little big!!! haha. 
this is my first pokemon fan art!! i recently started playing pokemon games and so far this cutie is my favourite!!!

May 17 2015

not again
not again
Mabel Pines

May 16 2015

blue blood
just felt like drawing something bloody, im really digging the anatomy on this

May 04 2015

April 05 2015

March 28 2015


March 22 2015

Migi from Parasyte
just from the cool anime parasyte: the maxim

March 07 2015

March 03 2015

February 22 2015

a kitty laying on its back!!! wants some tummy rubs!!!
Blue Hair
blue hair girl
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