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October 11 2017

Alyssa Pierced Portrait
So so far I've only drawn a chibi version of Alyssa since I adopted her. I decided to draw a portrait... and then I decided to give her a fuckton of piercings, and also make her wear some hot topic style shit. I dunno. I think it turned out pretty nicely.
it's me! uwu. just figured i'd post a picture of myselg, i thought i looked pretty good in this one honestly!

October 10 2017

dorky cat chibi
just a little cat chibi i made from a tutorial i found online. i think it's pretty cute tbh!

October 08 2017

Midnight Stars
Just a random little quick-draw from me. She's on a walk. I wish I could go on a walk right now.

October 07 2017

Alyssa {adopted oc}
the original character design goes to ValerieThePunkGirl !

i adopted this little character just the other day, and decided to at least do a drawing of her in my style to get started! not to toot my own horn, but i really dig my interpretation of the character. as i was drawing her i realized my little adopt didn't have a name! so i picked alyssa, honestly out of thin air. but i think it suits her still!

well that's it. i appreciate any/every fav and comment! ♥

October 06 2017

Got a Job!

October 05 2017

Texting in Bed
just a little drawing of my fursona laying down in bed.
Marley Stretching
I drew a picture of my boyfriends doggo doing a little stretch last night! I think it's cute and pretty well done so I'm sharing.

Bark Bark! (comments + favs are super appreciated)
Fursona 2.0
I haven't drawn my "fursona" since I was 16, and I'm 20 now! Figured I might as well revamp it for my current look / drawing style. Comments welcomed uwu

October 04 2017

Glad to be Back!

October 03 2017

Beach Lovers
This is a trace from my own photography, and the background is this LOVELY photograph

I think I did a pretty good job on this!

September 28 2017

Diane Nguyen
A little thing I did of Diane from Bojack Horseman. She's my favourite character in the whole show, I love her.

September 27 2017

I dowloaded SAI and this is what I came up with.
Poncho, Bark Bark!
A little pixel of the worlds biggest ~turd~ doggo, Ponch!
Pink Hair
Nothing too fancy, but a little pink hair pixel~
Anarcho-Communism Pixel
Just a little thing I made to pass some time.

I'm trying to figure out how to make dimensional skin tones, and here's a little sketch to show for it.

September 21 2017

Chibi [[Self Portrait]]
I decided to try to make a little doodle of myself and it didn't turn out as bad as I was expecting it to! I added a little green bit around it just for style.
Pastel Flower
My boyfriend is on a call and I'm doodling to ease my nerves. Nothing special, but not too bad either.

September 20 2017

No, I'm Fine!
Just a random little thing where an arm is missing. Oh well!
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